Demelza CAL – part eight

It’s with joy and sadness that I announce the final part of the Demelza CAL is here. Joy because I’m looking forward to seeing all your wonderful blankets finally completed, and sadness because it’s over! All that’s left, in this last week, is for you to work on your borders 🙂

As before, the pattern has been released on the Pippin Crochet Club, and It’s All In A Nutshell has the video tutorial, but please also find links below.

Part eight– US terms – UK terms – Dutch – Spanish (TBA) – Esther’s video



2 thoughts on “Demelza CAL – part eight

    1. Of course it’s still available 🙂 it’s here on the blog in installments to download, or on the Pippin Crochet Club on FB as a single document – or on Ravelry, where there’s also a pictureless version.


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