Field of Flowers

I meant to post this lovely pattern months ago, but one way or another, time has passed and suddenly I realised how long it’s been since I finished it. In fairness, my lovely group of pattern testers have also been working on it, so it’s not been sat idly waiting, but the last month or … More Field of Flowers

Spin Me Around

Who fancies a new pattern to cheer up their Tuesday? Ta da! Those of you who follow me on instagram will have seen sneak peeks of this blanket already. I love the designs I normally create, rich and textured, but sometimes you just need something simpler. Something quick, easy, and portable. Thus, this blanket was … More Spin Me Around

Too many WIPs

I seem to have ended up with three WIPs at the moment. It’s extremely unlike me, and it is rather disconcerting. It’s happened for very sensible, sound reasons, but I’m still disconcerted by it. My first WIP is my current design project, the cushion covers I’m working on. I’m neeeeearly at the finishing stages of … More Too many WIPs

Ta da! Baby blanket

It’s nice finishing something quickly, sometimes. I love big projects, I love the planning and the work and the final ‘omg yes it’s brilliant’ moment, but I do also like things that are more of an instant gratification thing. Or, if not instant, at least ‘a couple of weeks’ rather than ‘several months’! So, as … More Ta da! Baby blanket

Tiny ta da

So, hands up who else forgot it was Mother’s Day on Sunday? No? Just me then? *headdesk* in my defence, I spent last week in a hazy fog of ME exhaustion, plus my mother is actually in hospital at the moment (heading towards three weeks now, ugh) and one way or another, Mother’s Day just … More Tiny ta da

Ta da! C2C cushion

Anyone else wake up to snow today? 😀 Brr, it’s cold. But oh so pretty! This last week or so, I’ve mostly been working on a corner-to-corner cushion to match my latest blanket – and to use up some of the ends of yarn leftover from that! I’m very pleased with the result, and it’s … More Ta da! C2C cushion


If blankets are marathons, I have definitely been doing the final sprint over the last couple of weeks. Those of you who’re following on Instagram or Facebook will have seen my pics and my sheer dogged determination to Just Get It Done, and at last I am there. I’ve been working and working and working … More Sprinting

A quick round-up

I’ve been a bit MIA over the last week, for which I apologise. It’s been a horrendous few weeks/months, health-wise, here in my little corner of the world, and once The Secret Garden was published I sort of crashed into oblivion. I’m still mostly there, but a few of bits and pieces have brought me … More A quick round-up