Advent – days 1 & 2

I have successfully achieved ornaments for both days one and two of my yarn advent calendar 😀 and both of them were completed on the day – though yesterday’s needed a gentle overnight block, which is why I didn’t post about it yesterday. Yesterday, on the first, I opened my first little package and found … More Advent – days 1 & 2

Ready for Advent

I love Advent calendars. Opening up a door each day, counting down to Christmas…I love it. When I was little, my mother always found us ‘proper’ Advent calendars, with beautiful pictures and lots of glitter. No chocolate calendars for us! Her mother (my grandmother) was German, and always had traditional glittery Advent calendars sent over … More Ready for Advent

Winter is coming

I love autumn – all the glorious colours, all the different shades of green and red and gold, the drifts of dry, crackling leaves, the first fires of the season, watching the natural world begin to fall asleep. But winter is good too, and winter is now just around the corner. Winter means snuggling under … More Winter is coming


I am a perfectionist. Absolutely a perfectionist. I acknowledge it, I own it, it’s part of who I am, as a person and as a crocheter. That’s okay. It’s what drives me on, what pushes me to stick with it, particularly when designing – the knowledge that I can achieve perfection, as long as I … More Tension