I am a perfectionist. Absolutely a perfectionist. I acknowledge it, I own it, it’s part of who I am, as a person and as a crocheter. That’s okay. It’s what drives me on, what pushes me to stick with it, particularly when designing – the knowledge that I can achieve perfection, as long as I … More Tension


I meant to keep stashbusting, I really did… But my fingers got itchy to design. And I’m going to use up (some) of my stash! Okay, I’m going to have to buy more as well, but it’s the intention that counts, right? I should end up with less at the end than I have now, … More Whoops?

Bits and bobs

I’m still very much working on projects that I just can’t share with you yet (don’t blame me, blame friends and family who read my blog!), but a sneak peek of this one won’t give much away, and since I’m doing something new (to me) with it, I thought I could wrangle a blog post … More Bits and bobs

Stashbust ta da!

Sometimes you’ve just got to stash bust. You’ve just got to. Part-balls and full balls and random bits and pieces that just have to be used. Storage space stuffed to the maximum. Bags of yarn spilling over into other areas of the house. No room for purchasing more yarn for another project (like, say, my … More Stashbust ta da!

The Four Seasons

I love the ‘ta da!’ moment of showing off a finished object, and it’s always fun showing off a latest design. So here it is. Ta da! My latest little design project: a set of four, seasonally-themed, wall hanging decorations. Aren’t they pretty? Let’s have a closer look. I’m so pleased with how these have … More The Four Seasons

Winding fun

I promised I’d be better about updating, so here I am with a quickie. Nothing to show project-wise (though I’m halfway done with that decorative design I mentioned the other day) but I got some lovely yarn the other day, for making a Christmas present, and I just had to share my excitement at finally … More Winding fun

Keeping busy

I have been appallingly bad at updating here, over the past few weeks. Life – or rather, chronic ill health – has somewhat jumped on top of me, stomped around a lot, and left me feeling rather battered. Not that I haven’t been crocheting: on the contrary, I’ve been terribly busy, hard at work on … More Keeping busy