Stashbust ta da!

Sometimes you’ve just got to stash bust. You’ve just got to. Part-balls and full balls and random bits and pieces that just have to be used. Storage space stuffed to the maximum. Bags of yarn spilling over into other areas of the house. No room for purchasing more yarn for another project (like, say, my … More Stashbust ta da!

Eve’s Sunflowers

I am so happy to finally be sharing this with you all! Ta da! Eve’s Sunflowers blanket. Ohhh, this one was a long time coming, but here it is at last 😀 Look at all those lovely sunflowers! This was a special request blanket. My beloved aunt/godmother, Eve, was admiring another blanket I’d done in … More Eve’s Sunflowers

Ta da!

As promised yesterday, pictures of the baby blanket I’ve worked up over the last fortnight. It’s been washed and blocked and now it’s all ready to go off to the mother-to-be, whose first child is due in May. It’s a paid pattern (though not an expensive one), Rings of Change by Frank O’Randle. I used … More Ta da!

Ta da!

My stash-bust blanket is finished 😀 hurrah for a quick and easy project to keep my hands busy and my brain relaxed. All the details of what hook and yarn I used and what size squares I made can be found here. I added in some cream, because I could see I wasn’t quite going … More Ta da!

Ta da!

Don’t you just love that moment when the last end has been sewn in, the project is finished, and the blanket is done? Oh how I love that feeling. I love working on blankets. Absolutely love it. I love making these portable hugs for people I care about. But oh, when it gets close to … More Ta da!